Who We Are

Eatinng is an online restaurant services platform that operates on two levels. The first level service allows customers to discover restaurants, search for available time slots and reserve or book table with pre-ordering option.

On the second level the platform offers restaurant owners a platform 360 degree, interactive dining experience to the restaurant guests through a dedicated web page, on-demand table reservations, pre-order option and table management modules. In sum, this means restaurant owners can look forward to boost their business like never-before.

Based in Bengaluru Eatinng, a subsidiary of HiNext Business Solutions, Eatinng is endeavour aimed at helping restaurants do what they do best while Eatinng will simplify the operational end of their business. In fact, Eatinng will be a market disruptor by eliminating commissions paid by restaurant owner to food delivery aggregators facilitated through integrated delivery service and a unique payment platform.


HiNext originally entered the food and beverage services market in early 2018 as an accounting solution. As a multi-platform (Windows and Android with Cloud-Sync) accounting solution it was deemed easy to sell despite the highly competitive market landscape. The idea was to build a market place around accounting services in this fast growing industry sector. Given the market size, we really thought it was worthwhile an idea that would still reap fantastic gains.

It was when we went to the market to sell the accounting services is how we discovered that restaurateurs were frustrated with having to choose between 7 to 8 vendors to run all aspects of their business. There were no means to integrate various existing systems. The front end for instance could not be integrated with the backend nor the back end with kitchen management system for that matter none of the systems could communicate with each other.

We wanted to evolve and not to fail. Our marketing and tech team assessed the market experiences to conclude that this was actually a brilliant opportunity, if we could bring in all aspects of managing a restaurant on one single platform. This required not only going back to the drawing board but to get real-time learnings from the markets we so wished to serve.

The solution was Eatinng, a platform that was created multiple iterations and market testing. Where every module was thoughtfully integrated to give restaurant owners the tool they desired and deserved. Simply put, Eatinng will help restaurant owners compete in a world that’s characterized by performance, speed and modularity.

Currently deployed in over 100 restaurants, Eatinng is expected to be a market disruptor that will help restaurants grow, while delighting their customers and keeping them ahead of the curve. In fact, based on its initial outing, Eatinng is poised to win hearts, accolades and markets as an extremely valuable application in the Food-Service Industry.